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Never Lose Power Again

You've probably experienced a Maine power outage. Food spoils. You're in the dark with flashlights. It's stressful.

Fortunately, a standby generator can protect your family from this unnecessary stress and worry. Preparedness Experts, a division of Mister Sparky, serves southern and mid-coast Maine in the installation, service, and repair of home backup generators.

We'll keep your family safe and secure when severe Maine weather hits. With thirty-one years of experience, we have deep expertise and experience in residential generator installation and service. We'll install the right generator for your home at a competitive price.

Choosing the Right Generator
Where do we start the generator evaluation process? With your family's needs.

What activities are most important to your family? In which rooms? Do you have back up heat? Do you have a well or public water?

Once we understand your family's needs, we'll review generator sizes and features. We make sure you have all the information necessary to make a thoughtful, informed choice. Our process focuses on matching your family's needs with the right generator capacity and features at the right price.

Why Call Preparedness Experts?

  • Our name says it all. We are experts in helping Maine families prepare for power outages. Mike LaPlante has 31 years of experience as a Master Electrician.
  • Factory authorized dealers of reliable Generac, General Electric and Briggs & Stratton generators. This gives you a wide choice of features, sizes and prices.
  • We are proud of our reputation for 24/7 customer service. Have a problem at 3 am? No problem. Call us and you'll talk to a real person, not a machine.
  • 100% Guarantee. Preparedness Experts's generator installation and service is guaranteed 100%. Period.
  • Competitive Prices.
  • Financing available.


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Ice Storm

"Your electrician was a very skilled, personable craftsman. Exceptional service in all respects. We're a repeat customer; appreciate your service & work!"

- Scott K., Windham, Maine

Safe & Warm


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